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      K-BEAUTY or Korean beauty is a term for skincare products that derive from South Korea. A non-stop innovation, advanced technology and formulations are the reasons why K-Beauty has become a global phenomenon, a trend that is becoming a part of the mainstream beauty market. With their high quality and effectiveness, the Korean beauty products are consistently raising the bar for the global beauty industry.





      Korean cosmetics are known for their natural and organic approach to skincare. Most of the Korean skin care products are very mild and gently formulated and therefore appropriate for the people with the most sensitive skin types.
      Korean women are one of the most demanding beauty consumers in the world. They have a very high standards and they clearly know what it's their goal. A flawless skin. That's why Korean beauty is always a step ahead of others. A constant innovation, gentle formulations and a long-term results are the key to success. And it works!







      But what makes the Korean skincare really special? The ingredients. Natural ingredients are the reason why Korean cosmetics conquered the world. Korean products are free of parabens, artificial fragrances, synthetic colours and silicones. But that's not all. The healthy and natural ingredients come together with more exotic ingredients that aren't typically used in Western skincare and are delivering amazing results. Think fermented sheet masks, plant essences, donkey milk and even snail mucus.





      Korean beauty is incredibly advanced when it comes to skincare products and skin regimens. Korean products come from a culture where skincare is extremely important and where women always strive for a perfect skin. Their skincare is known for an unique and extensive skincare routine that consists of 10 steps or more. Korean skincare also often comes in a very cute packaging and provides high quality products at an affordable price.



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